Hari Sarvothama !
Vayu Jeevothama !!



Vayu Jeevothama !!


Yathigalu Aradhanas celebrated at the Mutt

Besides regular pooja and other rituals, three days Aradhana of Sri Raghavendra Theertharu, Sri Vyasaraja Theertharu Aradhana, Sri Vadhiraja Theertharu Aradhana, Sri Sripadarajaru Aradhana, Sri Vijayeendra Theertharu Aradhana and Sri Jayatheerthar Aradhana are celebrated with reverence at Anakaputhur Mutt in a fitting manner.  

Dasaru Aradhanas celebrated at the Mutt

Purandara Dasara Aradhana, Gopala Dasara Aradhana, Vijaya Dasara Aradhana and Jagannatha Dasara Aradhana are celebrated in a grand manner to honour the Dasa community.

Other functions celebrated

All major festivals of Madhwa sampradhaya are celebrated at the Mutt with utmost devotion and earnestness like Ugadhi Panchanka padana, Akshaya thruthiya gandha lepana, Sri Narasimha Jayanthi, Sri Krishna Jayanthi, Sri Anantha Chathurdasi, Madhwa Jayanthi, Madhwa Navami, Vardhanthi Mahothsava of Sri Raghavendra Theertharu, Pattabhisheka day of Sri Raghavendra Theertharu, Gokulashtami, Sri Hanumath Jayanthi and so on.

Other activities at the mutt

Eka Dina Lakshcharchana to Sri Raghavendra Swamy is conducted every year on the eve of Prathurbhavothsava (Anniversary) and Prathurbhavothsava is being celebrated year after year following traditional rituals and homa. Chathurmasa vratha anushtana is strictly followed in the Mutt and on conclusion Dhaathri Havana Homa is conducted and Vana Bhojana is celebrated in a fitting manner. Sahasra Shanka Abisheka on Margashira Pournami dina, Dhanur masa pooja etc. are routine of the Mutt.

At Anakaputhur Rayar Brindavana, gurugalu sthothra is recited by devotees in group on the special occasions of Pushyarkaa / Gurupushya Yoga. Besides above functions, Homa/ Yagna on special occasions, visits of Madhwa mutt Swamijis, Bhajans, Pravachana, Cultural programmes, etc. are also taking place regularly at the Mutt.

Pithru Karyagalu

Facilities are made available to the devotees to fulfil their duty of conducting their pithru karyagalu with full devotion. Kala shardhagalu, sankalpa shardha, Mahalayapaksha Shardha and Gho dhana are conducted with the guidance of learned pandits.

Contributions to the Society: Social Responsibility

Educational scholarship, outreach programme during the time of flood, medical (Eye) camps, free food distribution on every New Moon Day, etc. are all part of the activities of the Trust.

Special family functions

Small family functions like Upanayana, Ayush Homa, Anna Prashanam, Aksharabhyasa, Sreemandham, Sashtiabdha poorthi, Sadabhisheka, etc. can be celebrated at the Mutt premises in the Hall available at the first floor, with a seating capacity of about 150.  

Book a Seva Online

On the date of Seva, Sevarthees must present themselves at the Mutt premises at 8.30 AM for performance of pooja / seva.